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For Veterans Who Want Financial Freedom

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Topics Covered

VA Loan Masterclass

VA-Rehab Loan

Multi-Unit Strategies

Joint-VA Loan Strategies

VA-Construction Loan

Negotiation Tips

Cardone Veterans Beginnings

Cardone Veterans was established in Southern California by dedicated Veterans, Military Spouses and Supporters. In June 2022, Grant Cardone Reached out, aiming to enhance the Financial Literacy for Military Families through comprehensive education. In February 2023, Grant Cardone and Anthony Glenn II partnered with the Goal of focusing on four essential Pillars to establish Generational Wealth.

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To create Generational Wealth for Veterans & Military Spouses through our Veteran Wealth Formula. By advancing through our VA Loan Masterclass, Veteran Wealth Formula, & 10X Military Spouse curriculum, graduates are equipped with the knowledge & skills needed to achieve financial independence.

Enhance financial literacy and create generational wealth through Cardone Veterans programs for 21 million Active Duty Servicemen & Women, Veterans and Military Spouses.


Elevate your financial and business acumen with our two standout programs. First, the Wealth Creation Formula,which includes three personalized coaching calls, guides you through tailored strategies to maximize earnings and rapidly build wealth. Next, the 10X Business Boot Camp offers a deep dive into assessing your business’s current state, selecting targeted solutions, and planning your path to exponential growth.

Real Estate

VA Loan Masterclass

Vetting Contractors

Multifamily Investing

Maximizing Equity



Corporate Structure

Business Credit

Structure Your Trusts

Funding Pensions


The Team

The Minds Behind the Mission

Anthony Glenn II, MBA, USMC (retired)

CO-Founder CEO/Managing Partner

Ian Jensen-US Marine Veteran

EVP Educations Director

Bruno Nascimento USMC (retired)

EVP Training & Recruitment Director

Anthony Reanue US Navy Vet-Team

Development Director

Grant Cardone

CEO of Grant Cardone Training Technologies

Cynthia Wade

VP Sales & Transactions

Anthony Perez

Advertising Director

Alexis Vega

Marketing Director

10X Military Spouses

The Minds Behind the Mission

Constance Carlisle, MBA

CO-Founder, President

Jessica Nascimento

10X Military Spouses Community Outreach Director

Elena Cardone

CEO of Build An Empire

Annette Robinson US Navy Veteran

EVP 10X Military Spouses

Google Reviews

Alfred Pulvirenti
Alfred Pulvirenti
Anthony put together $1 million class for veterans who truly become successful in life and business
Jericho Bargas
Jericho Bargas
Lots of great information to build wealth. So happy I spent the money on this webinar.
Jennifer Eng
Jennifer Eng
Great webinar👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you Anthony Glenn
Tommy Norman
Tommy Norman
Excellent information for vets! Anthony over delivered!
Terence Pugh
Terence Pugh
This has been and knowledge course that you Anthony gave I think price was great THANK!
Mark Mauldin,MD
Mark Mauldin,MD
Excellent course. Tremendous amount of information! Would highly recommend
m&m hausser
m&m hausser
The amount of info is awesome! I enjoy the pace that Anthony does. The amount of value for this course can not be beat!
Seth Keith
Seth Keith
A lot of high quality information that is foundational for moving forward in growing wealth. Highly recommend. Thank you for teaching this webinar!
Sarah Glasgow
Sarah Glasgow
Veteran training was 🔥today!

Mission Statement

Empower military spouses nationwide by providing comprehensive support, including education in financial literacy, and entrepreneurship, by promoting personal and professional development.

Vision Statement

To bridge the entrepreneur gap and empower military spouses to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve unprecedented success through comprehensive support, personal and professional development, and financial literacy.

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